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A Garden Office Project can be as Ambitious or Simple as you Need | Permaroof UK DIY Flat RoofGarden Office DIY Flat Roof

With a growing number of people working from home, we have noticed an increase in the creation of the garden office, a great idea to create an additional room in the home that can give you the freedom and space to work in a creative environment.

Garden office projects do not have to be hugely expensive, in fact many of the garden offices our clients are creating are based simply on a good-sized garden shed. These types of offices are perfect for the DIY enthusiast, but what is critical though, for a garden office, is a watertight roof. Making sure that your garden office is completely watertight has to be paramount. Most offices will house electrical supplies and expensive equipment, which can be destroyed by even a small amount of water ingress.

We recommend EPDM for your DIY flat roof, due to the simplicity of installation, and the superior waterproofing and longevity that only Firestone EPDM can offer.

Permaroof do everything we can to help make a DIY flat roof fast and easy to install. Our
shed roof kits contain everything you need, right down to the correct amount of adhesive, ensuring there is no waste, and no fuss. With a wide range of sizes, and a bespoke cutting service, we can help you with a shed roof kit up to 30x12m!

If you have a garden shed full of rubbish and have been thinking about a garden office or hobby room, contact us today, and let our team of DIY flat roofing experts show you the best way forward.

Permaroof UK support our customers, and offer the best advice to help you with all your DIY flat roof projects. Summer is well on the way now in the UK, let’s get our flat roof projects underway!