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Flat Roof Materials in 4 Steps

Permaroof UK know that historically, it has always been a tricky and time-consuming process to work out the exact quantities that we need for flat roof materials. Those days are well and truly over with the introduction last year of our now popular
kit builder app for Android.

In just four easy steps, the pain has been taken out of flat roof materials calculations with our app, also available online here. Try it and see for yourself.

At the end of the process, which takes just a few minutes, a list of flat roof materials is generated, which you can review and submit for Permaroof to process, pack and ship for you. With our next day delivery service, you can get your materials faster than you thought possible. Our aim is always to provide our customers with a first-class service to match our high-quality flat roof materials.

How does it work?

The first step involves the roof measurements, which you can add in either metric (metres, centimetres and millimetres) or imperial (good, old-fashioned feet and inches). In this first step you also have the option to select the grade of EPDM membrane you will need. Currently, our EPDM is available in three grades:
  • Standard – 1.14mm
  • Heavy duty – 1.5mm
  • Fire retardant – usually if building control requires it
Here we will also ask who you are, and give you the opportunity to add a quote reference for your convenience.
Step two deals with edge trims, a vital part of the EPDM membrane flat roofing system. You can choose from a range of edging, available in two colours, including:
  • Kerb trim
  • Gutter edge/drip trim
  • Wall flashing
  • Joins, run offs
If you have drains, extrusions or skylights, these can be added during step three.

Step four delivers your kit list, including tools, and gives you the option to recalculate if you wish, or change the quantities if you feel you need more flat roof materials, and finally calculate delivery.

You can print the flat roof materials list, make a new kit or email the list to us for processing. We will contact you for payment and then that’s it – job done!

The Permaroof Kit Builder has proved to be a valuable tool for every flat roofer, streamlining the quotation process and saving a significant amount of time and money, negating the risk of ordering too much kit. Try it today – its fast and free - and see what a difference it makes to your business.