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Firestone Gets Top Marks at School

A primary school in Cheshire built 13 years ago using an eco-friendly-oriented focus has been re-visited recently as part of an extension project to add a new classroom block and additional space to the existing hall. Kingsmead Primary School became one of the first buildings in the education sector to be built using sustainable construction materials and methods.

The roofing contractor recently involved in the extension project used Firestone EPDM RubberGard to work with the existing roofing system. He commented on the condition of the existing membrane, and praised the composition and characteristics, as ‘there was no need to repair or replace the membrane on the main school buildings

What is EPDM?

The roofing project was completed by installing new Firestone EPDM flat roofing membrane on the new areas suing a fully-adhered method, and interfacing it on the existing roofing to ensure continuous waterproofing. Other Firestone products included Quickseam FormFlash and Quickseam Perimeter Fastening Strips.

Firestone EPDM membrane has an expected lifespan of more than 50 years, and is cited as the future of sustainable roofing. Although this is expected, the weatherability of the membrane is clearly unmatched in performance. The outside of the school in Cheshire has a cedar cladding, which had obviously weathered, and was easily determined from the new additions. However, the contractor noticed that the existing Firestone EPDM membrane still looked ‘as new’, with barely any visible signs of wear.

Catriona Stewart, Headteacher of the school has been impressed by the flat roof membrane, and said, ‘From its inception Kingsmead Primary School has been a model for environmental design and our ethos is focused on caring for ourselves, caring for others and caring for the environment. While the cedar cladding is designed to weather, the rubber roof was specified to withstand weathering and wear and tear and has proven its capabilities over more than a decade. These extension projects provide a great learning environment for pupils while materials like Firestone’s RubberGard EPDM roofing membrane ensure that the buildings will last well beyond the current generation of Kingsmead children, delivering our sustainability goals.'

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