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Permaroof-in-a-Box | Our Easy DIY Flat Roofing SystemDIY Flat Roofing systems made easy!

Firestone EPDM flat roof kits are available to buy online today, and give DIY-ers the best chance to tackle the replacement of a flat roof with absolutely everything you need inside the box!

Buying a Permaroof kit is fast and easy too – we have a wide range of standard sizes to fit almost any flat roof, whether you are replacing the shed roof, the garage roof or recovering a flat roof extension.

We can also custom-build a flat roof system in kit form for you up to 12m x 30m.

Fitting our flat roofing system

All the instructions for fitting your flat roof system are included in your box of goodies, and we have an entire YouTube channel devoted to video tutorials and guides to see you through the installation.

One of our customers fitted his flat roof with EPDM in under eight hours – a brilliant achievement for his first time!

What’s in the box?

Permaroof-in-a-Box really does contain a flat roof in a box. Inside a standard flat roof kit, you will find:
  • Firestone EPDM membrane – a one-piece membrane in the size you need.
  • Spray Contact Adhesive
  • Sealant
  • Gutter trim
  • Edge trim
  • Corner trims
  • Joint clips
  • End caps
  • Closed cell foam tape
  • Polypins

Quantities and content will vary according to your own specifications and requirements.

For those of you that want a little more know-how, why not try one of our EPDM Training Days? We hold them here at our training centre in Derby, and provide lunch and a full day’s training to give you the confidence you need to tackle the job.

Here at Permaroof UK Ltd, we want to help you get started. Click
here to find out more about the easiest flat roofing system available.