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Permaroof-in-a-Box | Everything You Need for Super-easy Flat RoofingDIY Flat Roofing made easy

Our Permaroof-in-Box flat roof kit offers the easiest DIY flat roofing system on the market, with everything you need in a complete kit, off-the-shelf from an extensive range of standard sizes, or custom-tailored for your specific requirements.

You simply can’t go wrong with a
Permaroof-in-a-Box flat roof kit. The one-piece EPDM membrane is a major part of its simplicity. Applied using cold, water-based adhesive and just a few tools, the installation of your new flat roof is super-simple.

Now tell us that the EPDM system doesn’t beat taking gas cylinders on the flat roof to work with bituminous felt!

With EPDM having expected lifespan of more than 50 years, there is a strong chance that you will replace your current flat roof surface only once, making it not only super-easy, but super-value too.

The Permaroof-in-a-Box flat roof system is available now for flat roof extensions and replacement of the garage roof. We also stock a wide range of standard shed roof kits too and offer next day delivery to any UK address. Order today and fit tomorrow, while the sun is still shining.