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Easy DIY Shed Roofing Kits

At Permaroof UK, we understand that there are certain jobs that a DIYer may be choosy about tackling, which is why we have put together the perfect solution to shed roof replacement – the
DIY EPDM shed roof kits.

Our EPDM shed roof kits contain everything you need to put an end to leaking felt roofing forever.

What about EPDM compared to felt?

Compared to traditional felt roofing, EPDM is a clear winner, with unsurpassed longevity. Imagine never having to replace your shed roof again for its entire lifetime… EPDM has a life expectancy of more than 50 years!

EPDM, manufactured by Firestone, is capable of withstanding high winds, extreme high and low temperature fluctuations, and has an expansion capacity that will move with your shed roof.
The flexibility of EPDM means that there will be none of the cracking and splitting that is associated with felt traditionally.

Fitting your EPDM shed roof kit

Our shed roof kits have been specifically designed to make installation super-easy. Typically, installation should take around 2 hours once the roof surface has been correctly prepared.

Inside the kit, you will find the correct amount of adhesive, and full, detailed instructions to ensure a perfect fit. There will be no waste, and your membrane will be just the right size. Please ensure that you measure the shed roof accurately, and order the correct size kit from our range of standard sizes.

Should you have an ‘odd’ shaped shed, fear not! We also have a unique, custom-cutting service, and can make up a kit to your exact requirements up to 12x30m!

With a Permaroof DIY EPDM shed roof kit, you can now replace your shed roof with confidence, knowing that it may be the very last time you ever need to tackle a job such as this. Next, you can move onto the garage, or your flat roof extension with a Permaroof Roof-in-a-Box.