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Boosting Flat Roofing Business

The start of a new year often heralds a new way of thinking, especially in the flat roofing business. This year promises to be interesting for the UKs construction industry, and with much uncertainty, many business owners are looking for something else to offer some stability. Have you been thinking of giving your flat roofing business a new direction this year? If so, then Permaroof could have the answer.

2019 could be your year for flat roofing with the Permaroof Licence Programme, which will offer approximately 200 of the UKs professional Firestone RubberCover installers the chance to join us in a unique opportunity to boost sales and revenue, while being guided by the country’s premier EPDM supplier and approved EPDM RubberCover training centre.

Why join the Permaroof Licence Programme?

Joining the Permaroof Licence Programme gives flat roofing contractors a real chance to:

  • Boost sales
  • Secure the best rates in the industry
  • Join the UKs largest residential importer of Firestone Rubbercover
  • Benefit from a national van deal and start your expansion with a brand-new van

Be supported by the Official Firestone Authorised Residential Importer and Distributor with:

  • A dedicated national account manager
  • Your own website and optional optimisation
  • Bespoke training
  • Marketing pack
  • Product launch support
  • And more.

Permaroof UK brings industry-leading training to flat roofing

The Firestone-approved Permaroof training centre offers flat roofing professionals the first step in business expansion into the fastest-growing flat roofs sector – single-ply membranes. Our high-quality EPDM training courses in both membrane and liquid EPDM systems installation deliver comprehensive, intense classroom and practical training, product demonstrations and industry insights at our purpose-built, dedicated EPDM training centre in Derby.

Completing EPDM application training starts you on your journey to successful business expansion with Permaroof. Following your training, you may join 200 carefully-selected, qualified Firestone Rubbercover installers from across the UK to join our contractor licence programme.


Why not take this opportunity to work alongside Permaroof in 2019? Your flat roofing business will never be the same again – look ahead this year and focus on the growth of your business with Permaroof.


Contact us on 01773 441 949 today or email us at sales@permaroof.co.uk to find out more.