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Anti-Slip with Liquid EPDM

Liquid EPDM rubber is the latest innovation in flat roofing for both trade roofers and DIY enthusiasts looking for a solution to effective waterproofing. However, Liquid EPDM can also be utilised in other areas to create safe, anti-slip surfacing for garden steps, car parking areas and otherwise slippery pathways. The use of liquid EPDM rubber is growing across the UK and Permaroof is one of the country’s leading suppliers of this versatile material.

How to create anti-slip surfacing using liquid EPDM

The Permaroof500 liquid EPDM rubber system is available for a variety of uses and can be applied in a single layer which rapidly cures and gives high resistance to rain and temperature extremes within just 30 minutes. 

It is ideal for application to:

  • Concrete
  • Felt
  • Asphalt
  • Insulation
  • Timber
  • Metal
  • And more.

An accelerator is mixed with the main liquid EPDM formula and the system is applied to a well-prepared surface using an ordinary roller or suitable brush.

To create an anti-slip surface, an anti-slip medium should be added, such as silica beads. This can be added to the mixed liquid EPDM and applied with the roller or sprinkled over the surface of the wet liquid rubber and allowed to dry.

Once completely dry, the silica beads (or other suitable medium) are captured within the liquid EPDM, providing an effective anti-slip surface suitable for walkways, pathways, car parking areas and garden steps.

See our installation guide for liquid EPDM.

Permaroof training in liquid EPDM rubber application

Permaroof UK Ltd delivers industry-leading EPDM application training for both sheet membrane and liquid EPDM. The training days are held weekly at the Permaroof headquarters in Derby, in our purpose-built, fully-equipped EPDM training centre.

Certification is offered after a full days’ training and gives trade roofers the opportunity to add this innovative, relatively new system to their product offerings. With such versatility, liquid EPDM rubber promises to continue to build on its success for both the trade and DIY markets.

Find out more about Liquid EPDM training days here.

Buy Permaroof500 liquid EPDM systems in our online shop with next day delivery here.