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A European coalition of 300 organisations and businesses, including property developers, energy companies and trade associations, has called for Europe to address measures to cut emissions of greenhouse gases from its buildings (amounting to approximately 36% of Europe’s total GG emissions).

The coalition believes that such measures would assist Europe in meeting Paris Agreement targets, and raise the call as a deadline to publish renovation plans across the region approaches, and as EU energy laws for the construction industry are discussed.

The European Regional Director of the World Green Building Council, Mr James Drinkwater, said, ‘Europe is at a crossroads in terms of its energy policy, with decision-makers unwilling to commit to a clear vision for one of Europe’s most pressing climate challenges – its buildings. But this intervention is proof that a large number of businesses and organisations are committed to ambitious plans on building renovation.

EU Horizon 2020 funded a project called BUILDUPON, supported by the World Green Building Council – an initiative that offers help to governments and agencies with positive actions and recommendations from 13 Green Building Councils that can be taken to enable them to reach Paris Agreement targets. The World Green Building Council has released the recommendations in the form of a series of publications, the compilation of which has also been supported by almost 2,000 organisations at events all over Europe.

Construction industry experts and professionals are concerned that building renovation policies are currently not strong enough to meet European climate obligations, and new policies are needed to provide citizens with better standards and more construction industry jobs.

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