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Buy a Shed Roof Kit Online

Felt roof materials typically fail after a few years of being weathered in the garden. Hot sunshine and baking summer temperatures cause the bituminous substance to swell and grow sticky. Over the winter periods, when temperatures drop below freezing, felt roof materials grow hard and tough, and over time this weakens parts of the felt, causing bubbling and ultimately cracking of the felt, which then leads to inevitable water ingress.

When water finds its way under felt roofing, it isn’t long before the roof deck begins to rot, and if not treated, can ruin a shed and damage the goods stored inside.

How a shed roof kit can help make easy work of replacement

Replacement of an old felt roof is made easy with the introduction of the Permaroof EPDM shed roof kit. Available in a range of sizes to buy online, shed roof kits contain everything you need to complete a shed roof replacement with no waste or concern about the quantity of materials.

DIY shed roof kits from Permaroof should enable a handy DIYer to replace a felt roof in under half a day, including making sure the preparation has been done thoroughly. All Permaroof shed roof kits contain a durable, flexible EPDM membrane in a single sheet and enough adhesive to adhere it to the roof deck. We can also custom-cut your shed roof membrane for you for a garden office project or other garden design element – contact us for more info on that.

The garden shed roof kits come in a range of standard sizes from 6 x 4ft to 10 x 8ft, and include full instructions. We also have a handy instruction video for reference!

Once your shed roof kit has been applied correctly, and with the right preparation, there is no reason that the EPDM membrane will fail. Its incredible life expectancy is more than five decades, so there is a good chance it will outlive the shed this time around. Why worry about waterproofing your shed roof, when a kit offers you a super-easy option.

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