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Government Housebuilding Target Could Face Challenges with Red Tape

The UK Government have again come into the spotlight over the current ambitious, and according to some industry professionals, unrealistic housebuilding targets. Although it is clear that the figure is accurate, and the number of homes is realistically needed, there has been much speculation about how the figure can be achieved without greater support and a significant reduction in red tape – and that’s just the start.

Last month, at an event hosted by the British Property Federation and BLP Insurance, panel members debated the current UK Government’s housebuilding targets, and concluded that the biggest barriers to reaching the ambitious annual figure of 300,000 new homes will be bureaucracy and red tape.
The event was arranged to attempt to address how the Government targets could possibly be met. Attendees featured professionals from housebuilders to property finance, and they invited audience participation to debate the housing sector.

The lively debate aired the concerns from all areas of the sector, including:
  • Government intervention in housing
  • The role of the Build to Rent sector
  • The issues SMEs are facing
  • The challenges of the planning process and system
While panellists and the audience debated the challenges and issues, the room also discussed some of the best possible ways forward to address the challenges and, what some refer to as blockages within the current legislation and planning systems.

The consensus was that greater cooperation is needed between major UK stakeholders to push for reforms such as the compulsory purchase system and increased funding for the Housing Association sector.

Panellists insist that such events are essential to continue to keep pushing the Government and the construction sector to address the very real current challenges, if the targets are to even come close to being met