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Some of the best roofing for sheds today is a far cry from the traditional felt coverings of yesterday. As felt deteriorates over a relatively short period of time, homeowners all over the UK become accustomed to re-roofing the shed every few years, often putting it on a list of garden ‘to-do’ tasks for the following year.

Times have changed, and now rubber roofing like the latest EPDM membranes outperform outdated felt and tar paper by decades. A good quality EPDM shed roof kit can last for up to 50 years and is ticking a firm box for sustainability with the offer of a system that could well outlive the average shed.

Why is shed roofing becoming more important?

More and more people are storing increasingly expensive goods inside their sheds and outbuildings and are paying more attention to roofing to protect them from the damage caused by a leaking roof. With sheds getting bigger and holding more inside than a few garden tools, materials like EPDM offer a reliable, long lasting finish that is 100% watertight.
Sheds in many UK gardens are more than just a shed – some are bar areas for entertaining, second bedrooms for guests or an additional living space. A growing number of people are also working from home and many are creating garden offices and meeting rooms, which often contain electrical goods, office furniture and documents. These must be kept watertight for clear reasons and much of today’s shed roofing just isn’t enough.

Application and performance of EPDM vs Felt

Traditional shed roofing was often nailed in place and sealed with hot bitumen to keep out the water. Such application methods worked for a few years in the best cases, due to the non-flexible performance of felt under extreme temperature conditions.
EPDM is completely different. Cold-applied using water-based adhesives,
EPDM shed roofing is safe and straightforward enough to apply by a competent, confident DIYer.
EPDM rubber is highly durable and flexible (up to 300%) to allow for any movement in the shed roof. Shed roofs grow typically hot during high temperatures and felt suffers from bubbling, which cracks when the temperatures drop. Rubber roofing for sheds offers a much higher resistance to UV and can withstand temperature fluctuations like no other material.
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Permaroof UK Ltd introduced its EPDM shed roofing kits to offer a reliable, easy-to-apply solution to trade and DIY roofers all over the country. No fuss, no waste shed roof kits are available in a range of standard sizes or can be tailored to suit your needs. With next day delivery if you order before 12pm, you can buy today, fit tomorrow, then sit back and enjoy the results. With a lifetime guarantee on all our shed roof kits, you really can’t find a better roofing material for sheds than EPDM.

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