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The growing trend in roof skylights is due to many factors, not least the added aesthetic value they can add to any flat roofing extension. Skylights can improve thermal ratings of properties and can help homeowners ‘do their bit’ with energy conservation too.

Permaroof UK acquired The Skylight Company last year to expand on its already extensive range of dome and trade skylights. Now we’re able to offer one of the largest ranges of roof skylights with features and options such as opening or fixed functionality, vented or unvented, and with different designs to suit every taste.

Aesthetic beauty and a touch of the wow factor

There is no mistaking the wow factor that skylights can create from the inside of a new extension project. The beauty of the natural lighting pouring through a sky view is simply unmatched by even the most decorative electrical lighting.

Our range of glass edge skylights provide an edge-to-edge view to the sky and allow maximum light to the interior. We stock beautiful Brett Martin Mardome Trade and Dome skylights alongside our range and offer the widest choice at great prices. Add a touch of class to your roofing projects with the beauty of natural light.

Improve thermal value and reduce energy consumption

The beauty of skylights stretches beyond aesthetics. The benefits of natural lighting can be realised in the reduced energy consumption throughout the day without the need for artificial lighting. In addition, the warming effects of the sun can be felt inside a property, particularly when well insulated, and this can significantly reduce the need for supplementary heating.
All our roof skylights in the Permaroof store have high performance thermal properties to help improve the energy rating of your home.
Our skylights are available in a wide range of sizes to suit all types of projects, whether you’re installing a single rooflight in a garden office or re-fitting a multi-skylight commercial roof.
Shop for roof lights at the Permaroof online store or find out more about flat roof skylights for your projects here.