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Permaroof DIY EPDM Rubber Roof Kit | Sustainable Shed RoofingPermaroof is pleased to remind you that you can still buy our revolutionary DIY EPDM rubber roof kit at B&Q online.

Our Permaroof-in-a-Box rubber roof kit is still one of our best sellers, due to the simplicity of the system, and the high performance of Firestone’s EPDM membrane. The one-piece system is so easy to install that even the most basic DIY skills can create a professional finish that beats a traditional felt roof hands down.

Why you should buy our rubber roof kit

Permaroof UK has designed a rubber roof kit that is accessible for all, and includes everything needed to waterproof your shed roof for 50 years! The innovative EPDM membrane is fitted in one piece, eliminating the need to tackle joins, which traditionally creates weak points in the roof that water can seep through. As EPDM is applied using a cold, water-based adhesive, no longer are pots of hot bitumen required, which is great news for DIY flat roof installation.
Now B&Q are stocking our rubber roof kit, it has never been easier to buy online, and with free delivery within 7 working days, the largest UK DIY retailer can now help you take another step closer to waterproofing your shed roof – fast, and with minimum fuss.

What’s in the rubber roof kit?

The Permaroof-in-a-Box rubber roof kit contains; a DIY EPDM membrane in one piece, that is slightly larger than the standard size to allow for the apex of the shed roof and the overhang; the right amount of water-based adhesive and sealant, and of course, full, detailed fitting instructions.
Online we have a series of useful video tutorials, demonstrating every step of your rubber roof kit installation and offering some handy tips to cover everything from roof preparation to the finishing touches.
So, what are you waiting for? Head on over to B&Q now to find out more about our 10 x 8 ft DIY EPDM rubber roof kit. B&Q are carrying five standard sizes - buy yours today.