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We have teamed up with flat roofing contractors across the UK so that you can be sure that you are getting not only the best product on the market, but also a fully trained and vetted contractor to install it. Permaroof UK approved roofing contractor network brings you quality assurance and a reliability. With Permaroof, finding the right roofers in Wells for your flat roof repairs or installations couldn’t be simpler.

All our featured flat roofers have:

  • completed our accredited product installation course
  • been enrolled on the Competent Roofer scheme as run by the NFRC (National Federation of Roofing Contractors)
  • been credit checked
  • been site inspected
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About Our Flat Roof Installers in Wells

Every roofing contractor part of our network has completed a registered and fully monitored product installation course. Furthermore, each contractor is site inspected and credit-checked so that you can be sure to engage a quality, registered company. Every Wells roofer on our list is enrolled on the Competent Roofer scheme as run by the NFRC (National Federation of Roofing Contractors).

We are exceptionally proud of the reputation we have built up for excellence in training, supply and installation of quality flat roofing and we are pleased to be able to share our network of independent roofing contractors from Wells with our customers today.

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Roofing Contractors in Wells

Permaroof can connect you with trained, vetted and approved EPDM flat roofing contractors in Wells within moments – completely free of charge. Our service is fast and free - simply enter your postcode in the search box, search by area or contact us directly for further assistance.

Wells, although a relatively small place in the Mendip region of Somerset, with just over 10,500 inhabitants and a built-up area of 3.2 square kilometres, has had city status since medieval times due to the location of Wells Cathedral.

The famous Cathedral is only a part of Wells’ rich history, as it has much medieval architecture, sites of religious interest and some of the oldest schools in the country, which make it a popular tourist and visitor destination.

Wells was a Roman town that grew in importance during the First Century when the King of Wessex in 704 became the founder of a minster church. Over the next three hundred years, there were religious disagreements over the Bishopric of Wells with the nearby, prestigious spa town of Bath, which eventually led to the formation of the Diocese of Bath and Wells.

Wells also had a heavy involvement in the English Civil War, with the ‘Siege of Wells’ city evacuation by the Royalists, who then installed Parliamentarian troops in the Cathedral, which was used for stabling.

The location of the River Axe near the city made trading an opportunity for the citizens of Wells, as the River was navigable from the sea, via the Bristol Channel. The city was a prominent cloth-making centre up until the 17th Century, and went on to host the largest cheese market in the south-west two hundred years later.

Wells’ modern history includes the site of a World War II prisoner of war camp in what is now Stoberry Park. Italian prisoners were kept there and later, following the Battle of Normandy, German prisoners.

The city of Wells, although a historic town full of rich architecture, also has a high student and rental capacity, in addition to pre-and post-war housing. Construction and roofing specialists in Wells must be relied upon to tackle a wide range of projects, such as:

  • Modern liquid waterproofing for commercial flat roofs and balconies
  • Flat roof repairs and maintenance
  • Experienced EPDM roofing application
  • Green roofing and sedum roofs for water conservation and management projects
  • Domestic rubber roof kits and installation
  • Shed roof replacement
  • And more.

Wells roofers are waiting to connect with you via the Permaroof approved installer network, offering peace of mind, and reduced stress in your search for a reliable, experienced roofer in Wells.

Permaroof, the largest EPDM supplier, importer and training centre in the UK, is uniquely positioned to deliver training, assessment and vetting of flat roof specialists in your area. Only then can we offer them a place on our list of approved installers.

Our service is free for homeowners – try us today – simply enter your postcode to connect with local Wells roofing tradesmen.