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We have teamed up with flat roofing contractors across the UK so that you can be sure that you are getting not only the best product on the market, but also a fully trained and vetted contractor to install it. Permaroof UK approved roofing contractor network brings you quality assurance and a reliability. With Permaroof, finding the right roofers in Torquay for your flat roof repairs or installations couldn’t be simpler.

All our featured flat roofers have:

  • completed our accredited product installation course
  • been enrolled on the Competent Roofer scheme as run by the NFRC (National Federation of Roofing Contractors)
  • been credit checked
  • been site inspected
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After you have entered your postcode you will be directed to the dedicated page on this site for our approved contractor in Torquay. From there you’ll be able to view:
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About Our Flat Roof Installers in Torquay

Every roofing contractor part of our network has completed a registered and fully monitored product installation course. Furthermore, each contractor is site inspected and credit-checked so that you can be sure to engage a quality, registered company. Every Torquay roofer on our list is enrolled on the Competent Roofer scheme as run by the NFRC (National Federation of Roofing Contractors).

We are exceptionally proud of the reputation we have built up for excellence in training, supply and installation of quality flat roofing and we are pleased to be able to share our network of independent roofing contractors from Torquay with our customers today.

Are you a roofing contractor who’d like to be featured in this area?

If you’d like to be exclusively featured for this area on our website please contact us to discuss our stringent requirements, and of course the benefits to your business, some of which are:
  • A steady supply of highly qualified leads from customers ready to engage
  • A dedicated showcase page on this website which we will highly optimise to be found on the web.
  • Possibility of your own franchise and website.
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Roofing Contractors in Torquay

Permaroof can connect you with trained, vetted and approved EPDM flat roofing contractors in Torquay within moments – completely free of charge. Our service is fast and free - simply enter your postcode in the search box, search by area or contact us directly for further assistance.

The Devon seaside town of Torquay has a rich history that stretches back to Palaeolithic times, with evidence recovered from local caves dating to 40,000 years ago. Kents Caverns also revealed what may be the oldest human remains in Europe, and were visited by the Romans, who left offerings there.

With a historic fishing economy, due to the nature of Torquay’s position in the Torbay area, the town grew slowly, and remained a small fishing village until the time of the Napoleonic wars, when the bay became a base for the Channel Fleet, and began to develop to accommodate the visiting families of Naval officers.

During the 19th Century, when Torquay received the Isambard Kingdom Brunel railway connection, the accessibility to the town increased significantly, and the mild climate of that part of the UK began to attract holidaying Victorians. It grew as a place to convalesce after illness, and many guest houses, inns and hotels were introduced. Torquay was among the first tourist destinations to begin advertising at the beginning of the 20th Century.

Torquay also housed many of the wounded from both World Wars, and had military hospitals across the area, which was thought of as one of the safest places in the UK along the south coast. It was a major area for evacuees, and a launch point for over 23,000 soldiers during the D-Day landings to Utah beach.

Torquay today is still a popular tourist destination, and many of the original sea front hotels can still be found. With a wide range of architecture, and commercial developments, the town requires an equally diverse range of building and roofers in Torquay to tackle projects such as:

  • Modern commercial liquid waterproofing for flat roofs
  • Specialist flat roof repair
  • General roofing maintenance
  • Green roofs for urban water management
  • Rubber roof kits and application
  • EPDM roofing installations
  • Felt roof replacement
  • Single ply membrane supply and application
  • And much more.

Historically, finding a flat roof specialist in Torquay has been as challenging here as it has over the rest of the UK, and Permaroof, the country’s leading EPDM supplier and training provider, has the answer. The introduction of the approved contractor network has given homeowners peace of mind, and reassurance that their critical roofing works in Torquay can be handled reliably.

Our list of approved EPDM membrane installers has been created following strict vetting processes, including training, experience and financial. We aim to connect Torquay roofers with the homeowners that need them – fast and free!

Try us today, find your trustworthy roofer in Torquay for your projects – large or small.