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EPDM Flat Roofing

Reliable waterproofing for all types of flat roofing

Permaroof’s range of EPDM flat roofing systems is one of the largest in the UK, and with next day delivery available, serves trade and DIY roofers from every corner of the country with high-quality flat roofing products fast.

We have been strong advocates of EPDM flat roofing since we began in 2000, recognising this revolutionary material as the modern solution to outdated, non-sustainable roofing. Firestone RubberCover has unmatched longevity, with an expected lifespan of more than 50 years, based on proven and measured performance in varying climates and geographical locations.

We hold one of the largest stocks of Firestone EPDM RubberCover and have developed EPDM flat roofing kits to make DIY shed and garage roof replacement fast and easy for DIY application.

EPDM Roofing Membrane

EPDM Flat Roof Kits

EPDM Roofing Membrane EPDM Kits
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Why buy EPDM flat roofing?

The benefits of EPDM membranes are wide and numerous, not least in terms of its longevity with a life expectancy of 50 years. EPDM performs well in extreme temperatures and fluctuations and remains UV stable throughout its lifespan. It has remarkable elasticity of up to 300% which helps its performance in temperature extremes and adapts to natural building movement. EPDM will not bubble or crack during its lifetime, as other traditional materials do, and is hard-wearing enough to be 100% reliable in a wide range of roofing types, even as a base membrane for green roof systems.

For domestic installations, such as shed and other garden buildings or extensions, EPDM is the ideal system for the DIY enthusiast. Fast, safe and easy to apply in a single sheet, using water-based deck and bonding adhesive and cold-applied roller or spray techniques, EPDM roofing delivers a long-term solution.

Water-based Adhesive

Spray Bonding Adhesive

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DIY or professional EPDM installation?

Although EPDM can be easy to apply on straightforward installations, which has contributed to its rise in popularity in the DIY sector, flat roofing involves working at height and this isn’t always ideal for some DIYers, regardless of skills. Safety should always come first, and confidence matters.

Permaroof introduced the approved installer network to help the UKs homeowners connect with reliable, trained EPDM specialists in their local area. This free service offers peace of mind for homeowners, knowing that a stringent vetting process has been followed for all flat roofers logged in our database.

Try the free service now simply by entering your postcode on this page. We can help you, whether you’re looking for a roof repair in Portsmouth or a complete flat roof replacement in Kent, or anywhere else in the UK, let us connect you.

EPDM training at Permaroof

Permaroof UK also trains EPDM specialist installers at our Firestone-approved, purpose-built training centre located within our Derby headquarters. We offer one-day, intensive courses that can give DIY roofers the confidence to tackle their own domestic roofing tasks, and open doors for trade roofing professionals looking to join the fastest-growing sector of the roofing industry.

Permaroof certified training courses are available in both EPDM Sheet Membrane and Liquid Rubber Roofing application. Places can be booked online or by calling Permaroof on 01773 608839. With prices at just £99 +VAT and including lunch, refreshments, training materials and top-class industry advice and practical training, our EPDM courses are great value for money and a sound investment in your current business.

EPDM Membrane Training

Liquid Roofing Training

EPDM Sheet Membrane Training Liquid Rubber Roofing Training
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More support from Permaroof for your EPDM flat roofing projects, regardless of size

Permaroof believes in fully supporting its customers, both trade and DIY. We have one of the largest flat roofing resource libraries, packed with EPDM installation guides covering every aspect of the project and offering application tips for the trickiest. Available in PDF format and in detailed, step-by-step video tutorials, our free resource library is a font of knowledge for all our site visitors.

Visit the resource library now.

Permaroof UK offers one of the largest ranges of EPDM flat roofing products in the country and has an industry-wide, award-winning sales and customer support reputation. Buying flat roofing systems from Permaroof means that you can be sure you’re looked after – both in quality products and customer service.

Our accessories range also includes high-quality fixings and tools for trade and DIY, EPDM cleaners and the latest pedestals for working with EPDM on roof terraces with pavers and decking.

With such an extensive range of EPDM accessories, Permaroof really is the one-stop-shop for all your flat roofing materials.
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Visit our online store today to buy all your flat roofing supplies for trade and DIY. Our experienced teams are happy to offer tips and advice on your EPDM roofing projects via the online messaging service or by phone on 01773 608839.