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EPDM Façade Products

High-quality façade solutions, custom-cut to any size

Permaroof UK Ltd is one of the largest importers and licensed distributors of Firestone EPDM RubberCover membrane and supplies in the country, providing the UKs trade and DIY roofers with high performance, reliable roofing systems.

Our EPDM façade products are available in two standard widths and can be ordered by the metre or on a complete roll in our online store. Using our bespoke, custom-cutting service for EPDM façade products means that your order can be precisely tailored to your exact requirements right here on site and delivered with our reliable next day delivery service.


EPDM Façade 0.6m

EPDM Façade 0.3m

EPDM Façade 0.6m EPDM Façade 0.3m
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Why use EPDM for façades?

EPDM synthetic rubber membrane is manufactured using an extrusion/calendaring system. It goes through a vulcanization process that results in a membrane with the perfect homogeneity for a long-lasting, watertight finish to seal facades of all types.

In new builds, the 0.75 EPDM provides an effective seal for windows and doors, protecting buildings of all construction types from water ingress and moisture or condensation damage. EPDM has high elasticity and flexibility while offering significant tensile strength. It can maintain this flexibility at low temperatures and remains stable from -45 ºC to 130 ºC, while retaining the ability to resist temperature shock of up to 250ºC.

Permaroof EPDM façade solution is suitable for both cold-applied adhesives and heat sealing and has a textured surface to improve adhesive adhesion.


Water Based Adhesive

Bonding Adhesive

Water Based Adhesive Bonding Adhesive
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The custom-cut Permaroof EPDM strips are ideal for all types of commercial, industrial and domestic façade waterproofing and are suitable for:

  • Façade repair work
  • Façade repair work
  • Façade reconstruction
  • New builds
  • Ballasted systems
  • Fully adhered systems
  • Inverted roofing
  • And more.

The nature of EPDM offers a reliable seal that will hold aesthetic value, integrity and tensile strength over the long term with a life expectancy of more than 30 years.

Other applications for EPDM

It isn’t just facades that can benefit from EPDM in both a commercial and domestic environment. Our façade solutions have also been used in a range of ways in other key construction projects, such as in the provision of basement tanking, dams, reservoirs and ornamental ponds.

Permaroof supply EPDM membrane for a wide range of projects and stock 1.14mm and 1.52mm grades typically for flat roofing.

Our custom-cutting service means that you can order your 0.75mm EPDM in any size to suit your project. Talk to the team on 01773 608839 to tailor your solution.


EPDM Standard Membrane

EPDM Premium Membrane

EPDM Standard Membrane EPDM Premium Membrane
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Talk to Permaroof today on 01773 608839 about façade waterproofing on your construction projects. Let us deliver you a solution that gives your clients the waterproofing they need over an unmatched lifespan.