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EPDM Clients

Leading customer support for all our EPDM clients

Permaroof UK offers industry-leading customer support to all our EPDM clients, whether you’re a DIY roofer tackling your own projects at home, a trade flat roofer or a commercial projects manager. Since 2000, we’ve been putting our customers first and at the forefront of every decision we make. Our award-winning sales and customer service values offer all our clients the reassurance of not only top-class flat roofing supplies, but also reliable next day delivery and unmatched after-sales service and support. We build relationships with our clients and it shows in your testimonials and the images you share with us of your projects both at the headquarters and on social media.

If you’ve been looking for a reliable flat roofing supplier for your EPDM, we’re one of the largest Firestone-licenced importers and distributors of RubberCoverTM and Firestone EPDM accessories in the UK. Our extensive range and huge stocks mean that we can offer next day delivery nationwide via our expanding Permaroof fleet.

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What have our EPDM clients been working on?

Flat roofing

EPDM roofing is the most common type of project our clients work on, whether for themselves or their own clients. We provide bespoke EPDM kits in almost any size up to 12.5m x 30m and many of our clients work with us to tailor their kits to include everything they need from a basic shed or garage roof replacement to a full home extension project.

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Roof Project Before


After EPDM Replacement

Roof Project Before xxx After EPDM Roof Replacement
This failed flat roof was soon stripped back and cleared by one of our trade professional EPDM clients. Once repaired, prepared and the membrane replaced with an EPDM rubber roofing membrane, the project was transformed, and the building reliably protected for many years to come.

Extension project

This beautiful extension project incorporated flat roofing skylights to bring in natural light for our EPDM clients’ client. Permaroof stock a huge range of glass edge and dome skylights to suit every taste and budget.

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Roof Project Before


After EPDM Installation

Roof Project Before   After EPDM Installation
Permaroof EPDM accessories are designed to work perfectly with RubberCover systems. Our range of skylights has additional kerbs to trap membrane and create a reliable, effective seal. This not only creates a high- performance, watertight installation but also a smooth and beautiful finish.

Balcony transformation

This project was again a professional installation of EPDM membrane. In this case, the principle is the same as the preparation for a roofing project. The waterproofing membrane protects the roof of the floor below from water ingress and provides a complete seal underneath the new decking.


Before (during preparation)


After the EPDM Application

Before (during preparation)   After the EPDM Application

Completed Balcony Project

Completed Balcony Project
EPDM membranes are flexible and durable enough to withstand temperature extremes and building movement with elasticity up to 300%. This makes them suitable for a wide range of projects.

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What our clients are saying about us

Very well organised company never had a problem with order, always on time and never had anything missing in couple years of using .... Scott is a nice chap to deal with too and is spot on with managing the orders.” M.T.


Fantastic company to deal with great service and very good pricing.” M.L.


Been using Permaroof for over ten years. We have never been let down on delivery or product. We had a customer who managed to ruin the product over night with an ongoing job. Permaroof helped us out with the replacement rubber. As a company we would never use anyone else. Well done guys.” R.H.


Very good company to work with and customer service is great, keep up the good work!” R.C.


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We don’t just sell flat roofing products

We’ve been in flat roofing for a long time and have extensive combined experience. Most of our staff are trained roofers and are experienced and knowledgeable in all aspects of EPDM products, project planning and installation. This makes Permaroof uniquely qualified in the industry and results in a better service for our EPDM clients.

It’s important to us to provide you with everything you need to get your jobs done, whether they’re DIY jobs, trade, commercial or industrial projects of any size. We support our clients with a range of additional services, roofing trade opportunities, planning tools, installation guides and much more.


EPDM Rubber Roof TrainingEPDM Rubber Roof Training

Permaroof UK Ltd operates the National EPDM Training Centre from its headquarters in Derby, running weekly training courses in both EPDM application and liquid rubber roofing.

Available for trade and DIY roofers, our one-day intensive courses offer certified, Firestone-approved training and cover all the basics of EPDM sheet membrane application. Practical training from top-class, qualified professionals and further opportunities for trade roofers.

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EPDM Installation GuidesEPDM Installation Guides

Permaroof UK supports our EPDM clients right through the process of buying and receiving top-quality membranes and roofing supplies. It doesn’t stop there. We provide one of the largest libraries of EPDM installation and application guides in the industry.

Browse our extensive range of installation guides, covering full EPDM system application to roof trim installation and everything else in between. Available in PDF format to view online or download and keep.

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Approved EPDM Installer NetworkApproved EPDM Installer Network

Permaroof UK has worked with and trained flat roofers from all over the UK. We network with our customers, both regular and newly-trained, to provide a free service for the country’s homeowners.

Through our nationwide network, we can offer peace of mind to homeowners looking for reliable, trusted and experienced EPDM specialists.

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Trade Opportunities for RoofersTrade Opportunities for Roofers

Permaroof UK supports our EPDM trade clients with a range of opportunities from adding your business to the Nationwide Installer Network, to teaming up with Permaroof and expanding your current business.

Talk to us about your plans for the future of your business.

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EPDM Suppliers and Trade CountersEPDM Suppliers and Trade Counters

If you’re a busy merchant or trade counter looking to move into the rubber roofing sector, talk to Permaroof about our opportunities. We offer a range of packages to suit your expansion plans, large or small.

We can help you with stocks, trade prices, product demonstrations, training and product launch through a dedicated account manager and much more.

Find out more about opportunities for merchants and trade counters.