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We are the UK Importers and Distributors for Firestone RubberCover. Firestone EPDM Rubber is imported direct from the factory in Prescott U.S.A, and distributed to a network of regional stockist outlets. Your prime source for EPDM rubber membranes.We probably have the biggest facility for cut to size membranes in the UK, and perfectly located in the midlands to serve the whole country.

With over 16 years industry back ground we have grown to be one of the largest EPDM distributors in the UK.

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Why choose EPDM Rubber for your flat roof?
  • Proven over more than 40 years
    Proven over more
    than 40 years
  • Very Safe Installation
    Very Safe
  • Low Cost Best Material and Eco Friendly
    Low Cost Best Material
    and Eco Friendly
  • Very Low Maintenance Costs
    Very Low
    Maintenance Costs
  • Succsesful in very cold and hot climates
    Successful in very cold
    and hot climates
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